You might think from our name that we only work with photos, but in fact we do video too!

We can take your home movies, on whatever format, edit them, add a soundtrack or narration, and then transfer them to VHS or DVD. We can take both normal (4x3) and widescreen (16x9) picture formats. We can transfer your videos to NTSC DVD format (North American TV Format). We can add titles, effects and transitions, picture in picture effects, still photos, the list is endless.

This is a fully personal service and you can choose to let us create your video masterpiece or tell us exactly what you want. You will need to supply us with the video footage, soundtrack and any photos you want included, along with any specific instructions for us to follow (don't worry, we will supply you with a checklist to help you on this). You can choose from our wide selection of royalty free music or use your own choice of music, however you must own the rights to or have permission to use it.

Alternatively, you might be happy with your existing home movies on VHS tape, but want to watch them on DVD. Each time you play a video tape, it loses quality, which is why DVD is such a good storage medium. You should consider transferring them to DVD as soon as possible. We can even add chapter marks, for instant access to your favourite scenes.

Take a look at our samples to see what we can do for you, then give us a call.